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Shadow Stretch Box Illusion - eBook Plans (plus video)

An original from our non-branded product line. With this illusion you can make an assistant, two girls, a large dog... or whatever, MATERIALIZE OUT OF YOUR BODY! Make them vanish! Or.... rubberize your body and stretch yourself beyond human possibility!

If you are looking to add an illusion to your show, that really does pack small, yet plays big - Shadow STRETCH Box is a real reputation maker! This multi-page manual will guide you in great detail and step-by-step in the build process, whether you are a novice or a master carpenter.

In a modern twist to the Classic Shadow Box illusion, Shadow STRETCH Box adds versatility by incorporating many performance possibilities. This illusion was cleverly created in 1999, by illusion designer and builder, Billy Diamond.

Effect: A box is wheeled out on stage and spun around to show all sides. The front panel is made out of white spandex-type material. The magician crawls through the spandex panel and into the box. He picks the whole box up very easily and begins to turn it from side to side, lifting it high to show that nothing is in or around it. Still inside, the magician grabs a work light, turns it on, and begins showing the inside of the box to be empty. The only thing the audience sees is his shadow. He then places his right hand into the box and places the light behind it. By doing this a shadow of his hand appears on the white spandex and becomes visible to the audience. He lifts his hand outside of the box but, the shadow remains. Switching hands he repeats this until his hands are above the box and mysteriously two shadow hands remain on the spandex. Next the hands begin to press against the spandex, and then the illusion becomes 3 dimensional as a face pushes against the spandex as well. It appears as though a person is materializing right out of his body. Next thing you know, real hands pop through the front of the box and then a head. BAM! An assistant steps out, followed by the magician.

BONUS: Before the magician steps back out of the box, he lifts it one more time to prove it once again to be empty. He then steps out of the box, reaches back through the front and pulls out a small child, an additional assistant, or a dog (in addition to his original assistant).

Performance Demo #1

Performance Demo #2

Another idea is for the magician to poke his head out through the top of the front panel, put his hands out the top of the box (stretching them as high as possible) and then slowly his head descends to the very bottom of the box. This illusion has many stretching possibilities with it.

While the Shadow STRETCH Box illusion is no longer available for purchase it was a huge success and an in-demand illusion while it was in production - over 100 built and shipped to 38 countries around the world (from 2000 to 2003). It was also distributed through several major magic dealers. This illusion plan workbook is geared for the do-it-yourself builder. 

Check out these great features: Can be performed surrounded (if needed). Packs down for easy travel, Fits into a small vehicle, Sets up and tears down in less than three minutes. A very practical illusion!

Includes a 21 page PDF file with detailed drawings and a complete shopping list with SKU numbers

as well as a 15 minute video.

                                                       PRICE: $25.00